'The Goldseeker'

THE GOLDSEEKER is a seven minute music piece combined with a seven minute, fully computer generated movie. The movie is an abstract journey through dimensions and space; a quest for a 'golden city'. The production of the movie started somewhere in March 1994, and ended - with long periods of non-productivity - during late summer 1996. The movie was included in the first release of the Real Virtuality Project, tape 1, in october 1996.

Because of the progress in hard- and software, and because we had the feeling that a lot was missing in the original movie, we decided to create a new, 'Special Edition' of 'The Goldseeker'. This was early 1997. While the original movie was rendered in 1/2 PAL 352 x 288 resolution, we re-rendered the entire movie in 16:9 PAL Plus resolution. In addition, a lot of scenes were replaced by new, more spectaculair ones. Furthermore, a lot of new scenes were added. The new 'Special Edition' version of 'The Goldseeker' was finished in April 1997, but was never released, or shown to a bigger audience.

That's why we deceided to do a rerelease of the Real Virtuality Tape 1 including the special edition of 'The Goldseeker'

The Real Virtuality Project videotape part 1
by Ronald Wijnands & Rolf van Slooten
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