'Escape from G1045'

ESCAPE FROM G1045 is a .... minute music piece combined with a ..... minute, fully computer generated videoclip. The videoclip was created early 1994 and was one of the first computergraphic shorts created for The Real Virtuality Project. Most of the 3D graphics were created by Ronald who was also responsible for the story. Rolf created the body of the "Evil" creature and did some texturing and additional flying scenes. At this time Rolf and Ronald just started with trying to use 3D graphics. Everything was done on a 33Mhz 486 computer with 8Mb memory on 3D studio Release 2. The videoclip was included in the first release of the Real Virtuality Project, tape 1, in october 1996.

The Real Virtuality Project videotape part 1
by Ronald Wijnands & Rolf van Slooten
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